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OGE – US Japan Partnership Program
University of Mississippi

Mission Statement

The mission of the US Japan Partnership Program is to promote public awareness of the world with a specific focus on the sharing of knowledge about and study of US-Japan relations. The program provides leadership for the Japanese Supplementary School at The University of Mississippi and assists the educational and business communities in north Mississippi by offering a variety of services, including outreach activities for use in education. The USJP is an excellent resource to support students, families, and businesses with special needs related to the educational and economic growth of Mississippi. To carry out this mission, we commit to the following goals:

1. Japanese Supplementary School (JSS)

The North Mississippi Japanese Supplementary School at The University of Mississippi was established under the support of The University of Mississippi and Japanese companies located in the north Mississippi area. Some of the primary goals of this school are to help Japanese families and students settle in this area and also to provide them an opportunity to maintain their education and culture. The curriculum is in accordance with standards set by Japan’s Ministry of Education and the Consulate General of Japan.

2. Partnership for Global Education

Other primary goals are to enhance intercultural understanding in the State of Mississippi and in local schools by promoting Japanese language and culture, as well as to facilitate cultural exchange and collaborations between Mississippi businesses and Japan in the global context. As a part of The University of Mississippi, we lead cultural awareness and promote outreach activities related to, but not limited to, Japanese language and culture. These endeavors are designed to provide educational support and foster economic development.